27 & 29 AVRIL 2023

Le #TIBY2023 en streaming

The school of champions

Authentic showcase for young players, TIBY is a springboard for the access to the professional world and the first approach to the international quality level. Over the years, CDFAS and "Gymnase Olympes de Gouges" has emerged as the keys sites for these youngsters that represent the future of European handball.

The variety of talented players graced the floors of the International Youth (U19M) and Juniors (U21M) Handball Tournaments TIBY and ignited the Eaubonne and Serris stands. It is a lasting memory for the spectators who witnessed the rise of some of the biggest stars in the world of handball.

Mikel Hansen Uwe Gensheimer, through Dika Mem or Ludovic Fabregas, TIBY formed an undeniable elite in the handball world. Great players have gone through TIBY, and great coaches, too; Hansen, Gensheimer, Landin, Gidsel… It stands on a high level with even more potential. Experts are not being fooled, TIBY is a notable reference.

Check out all the players who made the history of TIBY in the rubric find a player !


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