27 & 29 AVRIL 2023

Le #TIBY2023 en streaming

Youth and Juniors Handball International Tournaments, the TIBY can be considered as training for the future international events where the French Teams will perform. It invites 4 strong teams of the world high-level handball to participate in this competition.

TIBY Handball is important youth tournament among has a great European reputation. Over time, each year, we have seen great improvement. The organizers, partners, volunteers and all the people involved are pulling in the same direction. We are proud that during this project we contribute to the blossom of young athletes, students, refeeres, coaches, camera op. For their investment, this definitely highlighted their skills and hard work : TIBY Handball make 360° formation.

TIBY Handball is a part of European exchange enabling young athletes to meet, share their passion and communicate using the sports language and values.


Val d'Europe Agglomeration Community is pleased to present this popular sporting success on its territory, as the organizer of this competition:
"We are very proud to host this prestigious tournament at Olympe Gymnasium Gouges. We are happy to support such a competition, by providing the TIBY tournament with our sports equipment, as well as essential logistical and human resources. This competition is in the image of Val d'Europe: dynamic, friendly, young and sporty where those labels give even more sense to the attributes used to describe this agglomeration as “playful and sportive city”. Being able to highlight the future stars of handball Juniors within our territory is an immense pride. With this organization quality and every year more and more numerous supporters, we can already give an appointment for the development of future editions".
Philippe DESCROUET, President of Val d'Europe Agglomeration

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