2-3-4 novembre 2023

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Description of TIBY Handball : 

Established under the auspices of the Handball 95 Committee, the TIBY International Youth Handball Tournament has emerged as a prominent fixture on the junior handball circuit. Each year, the French national team assembles at CDFAS to commence their preparations for major international events such as the European and World Championships. With generous support from the Val d'Oise Department, this tournament kindles the passion of young handball enthusiasts while nurturing the potential stars of tomorrow. As a veritable incubator of champions, this event has cemented its reputation within the global handball community. The current icons of the sport were once the rising talents of yesteryear, who now bear the distinguished TIBY label. A mere glance at the list of past participants stands as a testament to the event's authenticity and prestige.

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The 2022 edition was a resounding triumph, igniting true excitement among the young athletes and drawing a crowd of over 3500 supporters for four competing teams, making a significant contribution to the future of handball. Over the course of three days and six matches, a warm and familial audience passionately cheered on the players in the competition. TIBY has solidified its status as a benchmark tournament for young players. With each passing year, it becomes increasingly evident that the editions are expanding and improving in quality.

TIBY Handball is an integral component of a European exchange program that enables young athletes to come together, share their passion, and promote the values of sports. This initiative is spearheaded by a dedicated group of students undergoing specialized training.

TIBY Handball has evolved into a significant event, gaining international recognition within both the organizational framework and the tournament itself.

The school of champions

As a genuine platform for showcasing young talent, TIBY Handball serves as a launching pad for entering the professional realm and a first step towards attaining international excellence. Over the years, CDFAS has solidified its position as the primary venue for nurturing these aspiring athletes who represent the future of European handball.

The rich diversity of talented players who have graced the courts of TIBY Handball has electrified the stands in Eaubonne. It remains a cherished memory for spectators who have witnessed the ascent of some of the most prominent stars in the world of handball.

From Mikel Hansen and Ludovic Fabregas to Sander Sagosen and Uwe Gensheimer, TIBY has played an undeniable role in shaping an elite group within the handball community. It has not only groomed great players but also cultivated exceptional coaches. TIBY has reached a high level of recognition, with even more untapped potential. Experts in the field acknowledge that TIBY stands as a significant reference point.

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