Description of TIBY Handball : 

Born under the impulse of the Handball 95 Committee, the TIBY International Youth Handball Tournament has been noted as a major event in the junior calendar. Each year, the French team is accommodated in CDFAS to begin the preparation phase for major international events such as the European and the World Championships. With the support from the Department of Val d'Oise, these lovers of handball raise their interest in possible future stars. As a genuine school of champions, the tournament has established its name on the world handball scene. The idols of today, young hopes of yesterday, have become the TIBY’s label over time. One look at the names of the people who participated in the tournament is sufficient to ensure the legitimacy of such an event. 

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The 2021 edition was a huge success. It created a genuine enthusiasm among the young players and gathered more than 3500 people behind 4 teams, bringing the future into handball. A warm and famillial audience came to support players on the competition during 3 days and 6 games. TIBY is a referential tournament among young players. Over time, each year, it is more notable that the editions are growing and of better quality. 

TIBY Handball is part of a European exchange allowing young athletes to meet, share their passion and communicate around the values of sport. The project led by a group of students in the formation training. 

TIBY Handball grew into an important event. In the context of the organization, and the event itself, the tournament achieved international recognition.

The school of champions

Authentic showcase for young players, TIBY is a springboard for the access to the professional world and the first approach to the international quality level. Over the years, CDFAS has emerged as the key site for these youngsters that represent the future of European handball.

The variety of talented players graced the floors of TIBY Handball and ignited the Eaubonne stands. It is a lasting memory for the spectators who witnessed the rise of some of the biggest stars in the world of handball.

Mikel Hansen Ludovic Fabregas, through Sander Sagosen or Uwe Gensheimer, TIBY formed an undeniable elite in the handball world. Great players have gone through TIBY, and great coaches, too. It stands on a high level with even more potential. Experts are not being fooled, TIBY is a notable reference.

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