2-3-4 novembre 2023

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They spoke about us ! 

Eric Quintin - Ex Coach France U19M

"The TIBY happens at a very interesting time of the year because of the possibility to initiate friendly matches against other international teams due to the lack of other similar events in that period. Therefore, young people have an opportunity to express themselves. For us, it is especially the ability to improve the teambuilding process, and to analyze their qualities. TIBY also gives us the opportunity to work in CDFAS. For the duration of one week, we stay in Eaubonne, situated in excellent conditions.

"TIBY set a big goal. In the terms of organization and event itself, TIBY established its place within the international standards. TIBY is a wonderful organization. We have everything on site. The Committee 95, the volunteers, everyone is heaving in the same direction. With the increasing quality and strong opponents, a great context is created for boys who are little by little reaching the international level. I hope that « Minots » realize this incredible opportunity the TIBY tournament is. It is the starting point for a new, exciting adventure."


Patrice Canayer - Coach Montpellier
Erik Mathé - Assistant Coach France A

PC : "TIBY Handball is a unique youth tournament in France. First, this is a tournament that is exceptionally superior. Mark my words. During these 7 years, the powerful upswing is evident and inevitable, because it was recognized by experts. This is a very well organized tournament. TIBY Handball is an excellent tool for coaches to develop training techniques on a high level, also allowing the get-together for the purposes of improving the training framework. In addition, we have three days to liberate, consider, and observe the future talents."

EM : TIBY Handball has a recognized and significant reputation within the Youth Handball Tournaments. Tonight I am present at the event to watch young players and scout for the club Montpellier. For a youth tournament, the gym and the facilities on site, are of a very high standard! Holding a youth tournament on an original handball court really not common. I’ve seen that you are also very active on the Internet, it is a step forward in the innovative approach for the training in France. Congrats to the organizers".



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